To sign up:

Simply check the available slots below, and fill out the form at the bottom of this page! Easy peasy!

Having trouble deciding on a location? Scroll to the bottom of the page for my pro and con list for each location. Should help a ton!


The photo session fee of $125* includes:

  • A mini session guide to help you get the most out of your photo session and decrease your stress immensely by answering questions and giving advice about what to wear and more!

  • The 15-20 minutes photo session.

  • Digital download of all edited images.

*Mini sessions price is based on groups of 5 or smaller. If your group is larger, please let me know and I will adjust your invoice.

PROS and CONS for each location:

1) UVA Gardens:

  • Pro: always a classic spot! Even if you have shot there before, there are just so many amazing nooks and crannies to explore here.

  • Con: Parking. Isn’t it always so with UVA? :)

  • Neither a pro, nor a con, but UVA is more architectural than nature inspired.

2) Washington Park:

  • Pro: Great nearby parking, and a place to play after your session!

  • Con: Not as much variety as UVA, but great for kids with short attention spans.

3) John Warner Parkway Trail:

  • Pro: New location, lots of tall grass and nature!

  • Con: This will require walking and being prompt!