A little more snuggles, a little less 'baby in a basket'

The type of session I love to do for newborns is termed "lifestyle". It is far more about documenting life in your home than wrapping a baby in blanket and placing them in a basket. This type of session enables us to capture photos in the nursery, photos in the rocking chair, snuggling in bed, and everything that makes the newborn time magical. To really tell a story.

Newborn sessions typically take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours so that we can capture everything and allow for outfit changes, diaper changes (read: blowouts) and feedings! If the weather allows we can also slip outside for some outdoor photos so that you have lots of variety in your gallery.

The newborn session comes with the gallery of images which can be downloaded straight to your computer. The price for this session is $225. 


When to do your newborn session:

Because we will not be doing the standard newborn photos, there is no rush here! I generally say before 8 weeks old, but even that is only a guideline.

What to wear for your newborn session:

Because there is a large emphasis on natural posing (aka- mom or dad holding the baby), I suggest neutrals so that there are no color casts on the baby's face. Plus, neutrals tend to be flattering and are timeless!

What to do when/if the baby gets fussy:

Since this session does not have a strict time limit on it, you can take your time to sooth your baby! If your baby becomes inconsolable and we will not have enough light to finish the photos, we will simply reschedule for another date. This is a stress free session!

Where to do newborn sessions:

Nine times out of ten, I suggest doing these sessions in your home. However, if you feel as though you do not have sufficient window light in your home, we can be in contact about doing outdoor photos or moving to a third party location. Just contact me!