Durrer Newborn - Charlottesville Newborn Photogrpahy

She's here! Hannah, my NINTH niece/nephew is here! You would think by now I would be used to it, but MAN. There is nothing like becoming an aunt all over again. We love this little girl so much and my sister and brother-in-law are doing an amazing job so far. 

Hannah is the sweetest little girl but HATED photos, so here is what we have so far. I assured her parents that I would be taking her photo for a lifetime, so not to worry if we weren't able to get a full sessions worth :)



Moulder Newborn

The Moulder family grew by a member! Sweet precious Clara has arrived! Luckily we had great weather and Clara's nursery was the perfect backdrop. I could do a whole post on this little one's nursery! 

In home newborn sessions are a personal favorite. Baby can eat, squirm, cry and get as many diaper changes as needed. Big brother can get his snacks and watch Finding Dory whenever necessary. It is so relaxed, which is what you want for your session!

Welcome Clara! You're going to love it here :)



Baby Emma - Crozet Newborn Photography

Baby Emma and I are neighbors! We live on the same farm, so when it came time to do her photos, it was a short walk down the road past the horses, the pond and the weeping willow  (seriously - where do we get to LIVE??).

Emma's big brother, Liam, was not feeling the photos, so her mom and I walked to the garden and got to work. Emma was such a trooper! The light kept getting dreamier, and I must have said "just one more!" about seventy-four times. It was a hot night, but it was perfect for baby Emma's photos. There wasn't a chance she was going to get cold (the rest of us were sweating since we had to be fully clothes and all that), and besides the barn cat and the bugs, it was a lovely night. 

We are so excited you are here, sweet lady. Thanks for being such a dream baby!