McKenzie + Demetri - Stover Hall Wedding, Luray, VA

McKenzie and I had only met over email, but even still, I was so excited to meet her! She was so genuine even just via email! I knew she was going to be an incredible soul with an inviting personality. Boy was I right.

Demetri has never met a stranger. The first thing I knew when I met him (and his groomsmen!) that day, was that this was going to be a fun day. Demetri was instantly warm, kind and hilarious.  Plus, he had already professed his love for my husband. See? No strangers at all!

Between the two, they never stopped smiling all day. Like- giant grins, constantly. It was a joy to capture two people so thoroughly in love with each other that they can't help but radiate that love!

Stover Hall was a great location! Between the historic home and the mountain views, we were spoiled to be in such a beautiful venue. They also have a lock wall, on which each bride and groom place a lock after they are married. McKenzie and Demetri were the last two to be on the original lock wall! It was such a neat tradition.

The day was all around wonderful. Fantastic families, and an amazing bride and groom. We couldn't have had more fun! 

Congrats McKenzie and Demetri!