Matt and Jaimie - Wedding at Rosebrook Inn, Stanardsville, VA

When Jaimie and I met for the first time I told her she would know me because I would be the eight months pregnant woman. She told me she would be the one with the red violet hair. This was going to be awesome.

Upon asking Jaimie what they like to do with their free time she told me that she and Matt have a group of friends they hang out with every week. Ok- so hang out is a bit of a misnomer. Jaimie and Matt host a group of friends for a standing gathering every week. Matt is an amateur (not so amateur from what I've heard) chef and loves to cook and entertain. I knew this wedding was going to be a glorious extension of that type of hospitality- and they would have amazing food! And they certainly delivered in the form of the South Fork Food truck!

These two have such huge hearts and combined with their friends and family on this day, they were on top of the world. The weather was sunny, thanks in part to the whiskey bottle buried upside down at the reception site, and the starry night theme was pulled of beautifully. Keep an eye out for all of the starry night inspirations as well as a few sugar skulls!

The night ended with a full on dance party that included everyone- grandmothers, small children and even a groomsman who was wearing nothing but the suit pants and vest. Priceless. 

Thank you, Jaimie and Matt, for making us feel like a part of your Thursday night crew. Congratulations and enjoy married life- you're going to love it!