Heidi and Jordan - Earlysville, VA Wedding Photograph

All week the forecast was calling for rain. Texts and emails were sent about plan B and C in case the forecast was accurate. But it never is, right? It can't rain on your wedding day, RIGHT?


Despite the crazy storms that came and went on Heidi and Jordan's wedding day, they never stopped smiling. These two never once let the torrential downpours and crazy lightning get them down.

Heidi's family was instrumental in making this day perfect for the couple. Heidi's Mom, Allison,(who just wrote a book!) was busy setting up the dozens of DIY projects they had completed for the wedding. It all came together beautifully. I can't say enough about what a beautiful family Heidi and Jordan have. It was an honor to get to be around them all. 



I love Jordan's reaction to seeing Heidi!