White Family

Full disclosure- this is my sister, brother-in-law and nephews. So I'm totally biased as to how CUTE they are! However, I think you will agree!

I am so excited to do all of my sister's Christmas card photos every year. This sister was kind enough to let me blog them before the cards were even ordered.  Plus, last year I didn't get around to blogging these until March soo... better early than SUPER late? Is that how the saying goes?

So here they are! My sweet gorgeous sister and her three hilarious men. Thank you, sister, for letting me take photos of you just you, even though you felt ridiculous. Don't worry- I blogged the photo of you being totally silly too, so people don't think you're weird. ;) 

And thank you, fall, for being super warm so we only have to pretend to be chilly. That was pretty cool of you.